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Users can search anything on your search engine and get millions of results. Billions of people use search engines everyday! Get your opportunity of grabbing a piece of the advertising market.

Standard & Premium Packages
Standalone Engine let's you create web portals, search engines, ppc engine, business directories and more. Use TXT flat file database technology. Add sites, sponsor listings, drop down menus, create custom links and pages. Import ads and analytics code. Offer url submissions. Change color, background, font type and more. Only requires PHP to run.

Standard & Premium have 4 Modes

1) API - Import search api's for different search results.

2) Stand Alone - Build your own database and only search sites in your database. Includes spider to crawls your local html pages or websites.

3) Search Feed - Gets results from our search feed. Includes web, images, music, videos, news, real estate, books and maps. Includes USA & Canada

4) Google Custom Search - You can now import Google CSE into Skypress

Package Description Price Order
Basic Skypress Basic Search Engine - Stand Alone CMS $150
Standard Skypress Standard Search Engine - No powered by links, user login, account or profile. (Small Custom Build) $400
Premium Premium Search Engine - No powered by links. Includes user login, account & profiles. Custom CMS. (Large Custom Build) $1200
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