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Tired of Google, Facebook, Twitter and other ad networks banning your ads for no reason? We are your best ad network alternative! No strict ad policies, click fraud, account suspends, strike programs, favoritism for big brands or bs. Just sign up, and start advertising now!

Our staff now works with top freelance companies to keep cost down and provide you with the best services.
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Promote your business, services, website, products, affiliate & more on our classified ads. 30+ days, No sign-up needed. Ads with url's will rotate in our "Shop Search Results Page"
Starting at $15 Top Sponsored Listings Promote your business to people who are actively searching online for products or services. Ads will rotate in our Search Results Page
Starting at $15 Non-Commercial - Airplay Get exposure on I&G Radio & I&G TV. Your media will be searchable in our Search Engine.
Starting at $15 Commercial - Airplay Get your message heard with a 15 - 60 second ad on I&G Radio & I&G TV!
advertise on top search engine * Digital Marketing> Search Engine Marketing> Search Engine Marketing Managment> keywords, banner advertising, advertiser packages Basic Text Ad, Social Media, 3 keywords 3 days $15 Plus Text Ad, Social Media, 4 keywords, Promote Banner, MP3, Mp4, Video Link, Youtube 5 days $130 Premium Text Ad, Social Media, 5 keywords, Promote Banner, MP3, Mp4, Video Link, Youtube, 1K Word Article 7 days $195 Extras 3 Day Seo Post 2 Articles 1000 Words To Your Site And Promote Your Articles $360 3 days 8 Days Seo Post 7 Articles 1000 Words To Your Site And Promote Your Articles $960 8 days Reach visitors searching online or reading our blogs content. Your ads will appear on rotating for 30 days over 100k blog network. Supreme Search is here to help your brand get noticed through promoting your product, event, website etc. Through our search results, blogs and social reach. What we need to get started: Video Link (optional) MP3 Radio Ad (optional) MP4 Video Ad (optional) 468 x 60 Banner Ad (optional) Text Ad (Title, Description, URL, Keywords Required) Depending On Your Selected Package, Your Ads Will Appear In: Internet TV Social Media Internet Radio 100k+ Blog Network Our Search Engine Results We only support 468 x 60 banner size ... *No adult content. We cannot guarantee traffic or sales, this depends on our reader's interest. We have the right to refuse any banner ad or gig sent in. Thank you, for your order. Here's what we need to get started: Video Link (optional) MP3 Radio Ad (optional) MP4 Video Ad (optional) 468 x 60 Banner Ad (optional) Text Ad (Title, Description, URL, Keywords Required) Please let us know if you have any questions... --- promote your music, video, short film * Music & Audio> Singers & Vocalists keywords, promote your music, airplay, musician, radio, gospel Promotion 1 Promote 1 song, 30 Day Airplay. 4 days $5 Promotion 2 Promote up to 3 songs or 1 videos. Permanent Airplay. 5 days $20 Promotion 3 Promote up to 3 songs and 3 videos. Permanent Airplay. 7 days $80 We will air your Songs or Video/Film Radio We will broadcast your songs on the air. We are looking to feature new artist on our Internet Radio Station. You will get unlimited airplay with Standard or Premium package. So your songs will stay in rotation on our playlist! Our station also supports mobile devices for even more exposure! Please Only Submit The Genres listed below Your songs must be one of the following genres listed below: Gospel, Christian, Instrumental, Smooth Jazz, Techno, Trance, Dance, House, or Electronic. Video/Film We can air your video/film on our Internet TV. We accept music videos, educational, how to's, health, comedy, and indie films. No commercial videos. Terms: We offer non-paid promotional airplay. You MUST own the copyright to your material. No content with curse words, clean lyrics please. Your music must be MASTERED MP3 Format Only! 256k or lower. Videos must be MP4. Submissions Must Be Approved By Our Programming Department Before Promotion Begins! This service is for Non-Commercial Airplay. If your material violates our policy, we will return your fee and not air your content. Our Radio & TV Station link: Thank You, For your order! Please send me the following info listed below: Send us your songs in mp3 format. 256k or lower. Or 1 video/film You MUST own the copyright or have licensing permissions to have the material played on air. If your ordered extras, Send us your photo, text bio, and a link to your website. You can also include a video embed url, for your artist page as well. -- air your 15 to 60 sec radio, video ad on our internet station * Digital Marketing> display advertising> audio advertising> Youtube ING Radio keywords, airplay, broadcasting, promotion, radio, video ad Basic Air your ad for 30 days. 3 days $15 Standard Air your ad for 60 days. Plus submit your website. 3 days $30 Premium Air your ad for 90 days. Plus submit your website & 468 x 60 Banner Ad. 3 days $45 Get your message heard with a 15-60 second ad on WI&G Radio! We will play your audio ad everyday for an entire month, exposing your band/product/services to all our listeners to give you a great product recognition. Or we can air your 15-60 second Commercial Video Ad on our Internet TV Station. We also air movie trailers! Advertising is all about branding, and our loyal listeners & viewers will hear your ad over and over again in rotation with our music selections. Our stations supports all mobile devices! There is no cheaper way to get your ad airplay, so purchase this gig today so we can get it on the air! Website & Banner Promotion is optional. Terms: YOU MUST PROVIDE The :15 to 60 Second Radio Spot in mp3 or mp4 format: This service is for Commercial Airplay We can air 1 video ad or 1 audio ad per gig. The effectiveness of your ad is determined by the ad it self. The best ads of any type are those that help people solve a problem. No advertising can guarantee results. If you are looking to air a 120 second ad, simply select our 120 sec extra gig. Listen To Our Station Here: Watch Our TV: Thank You, For your order! Please send us your ad in mp3 (256k or lower) or mp4 format. If you ordered Standard or Premium Package, you can submit your website & 468 x 60 Banner Ad (optional).