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Founded in 2007, Solomon Roberson  musician, songwriter and programmer created Supreme Search Engine using no hardware. Writing only in javascript. Since then we have upgraded our search technology to cloud servers and PHP code. Our new search core contains a mixture of meta results and ai technology.

We offers a variety of search features including web, images, music, video, news and much more. Classifieds for visitors and shoppers. Job search for job seekers. Roberson's Software "Skypress" also provides a "turn key" solution to help build your very own search engine using our engine's "Search Technology". You can also build your very own database of sites for your search engine as well.

We also provides low cost advertising  for business's, TV, Radio, Games, Web Hosting, Site Analytics, Music by Roberson & more.

If you have questions regarding Supreme Search web site or would like to provide us with some feedback, contact us below.
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