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Adware Overview
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Backdoor Programs
Database/malware/index.php?S=Backdoor Programs&R=malware

Denial of Service Attack
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Drive By Downloads
Database/malware/index.php?S=Drive-By Downloads&R=malware

Firewalls and Proxies
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History of Computer Viruses 1989 1999
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History of Computer Viruses since 2001
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History of Computer Viruses to 1989
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History of Viruses 1999 through 2001
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Home Page Hijacking and Browser Helper Objects
Database/malware/index.php?S=Home Page Hijacking and Browser

Legitimate Adware
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Macro Viruses and the Melissa virus
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malware overview
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Robert Tappan Morris and the Internet Worm
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Spyware Overview
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