PC Drivers (Downloads)
Compaq Presario SR1503WM Drivers.zip 22,869 kb
Compaq Presario SR1522X Drivers.zip 19,061 kb
Dell Dimension 1100 Drivers.zip 14,595 kb
Dell Dimension 2400 Drivers.zip 20,209 kb
Dell Dimension 3000.zip 17,289 kb
Dell Dimension 4600.zip 16,115 kb
Dell Dimension 8250 Drivers.zip 37,794 kb
Dell OptiPlex GX260 Drivers.zip 19,575 kb
Dell OptiPlex GX270 Drivers.zip 13,830 kb
Emachine T2542 Drivers.zip 15,200 kb
Emachines W5233 Driver.zip 47,796 kb
Epson Stylus C60 Driver.zip 7,009 kb
Gateway E-2300 Drivers.zip 32,454 kb
HP Compaq dx2000 Microtower PC Drivers.zip 30,359 kb
HP Pavilion 7850 Desktop Drivers.zip 7,858 kb
HP Pavilion a1213w Drivers.zip 35,044 kb
HP Pavilion a264w Drivers.zip 40,375 kb
HP Pavilion a320n Drivers.zip 38,221 kb
HP Pavilion xt846 Desktop Drivers.zip 3,670 kb
HP Pavilion zv6000 Notebook Drivers.zip 58,535 kb
Lexmark X2350 Driver.zip 34,539 kb
MSI K8MM-V Drivers.zip 42,594 kb
V2 Premier M957G (V1.0).zip 48,626 kb
Win Xp 32 bit Network Adapter Drivers Intel.zip 14,253 kb
Win Xp 64 bit Network Adapter Drivers Intel.zip 15,023 kb
Creative Sound Blaster Driver for all Windows.zip 24,771 kb
HP Pavilion a605x.zip 23,865 kb
Dell Inspiron 5100 Drivers.zip 33,802 kb
DirectX 9.zip 35,036 kb
DirectX for Windows 2000.zip 6,948 kb
HP Pavilion a814x.zip 12,829 kb
MX-2600N Scan Driver.zip 25,579 kb
Dell Dimension 4700.zip 8,593 kb
Toshiba Tecra S1.zip 1,149 kb

How to Find Drivers for your Computer Online

Driver software is a component that allows an operating system to relay data between a hardware peripheral such as a keyboard, mouse, Internet modem, CD/DVD writer/reader, digital camera and other devices. Periodically, a user may need to update their driver software depending on the hardware they have installed and are attempting to configure. Also, a user may receive an information prompt from their operating system notifying the user that a driver update is necessary for a specific hardware peripheral to operate.

Depending on the operating system, there may be an option to click so that the computer automatically scans the Internet, downloads and installs the appropriate driver. However, there are times when the user may need to manually download and install the specific driver they require from online. In order to get started, the user must determine the specific driver they need for the hardware peripheral they are attempting to install. Typically, the operating system will notify the user with an information dialogue box containing the specific driver file the user needs to install.

Once the user has the driver file information, they may simply perform a search containing the driver file or navigate to the hardware website. Usually, a general search will yield the hardware website as well as various other sites to obtain the driver file. If the user visits the hardware website, there is normally a "Drivers" section that may be accessed. Once the "Drivers" section has been accessed, the user may perform a search for the specific driver file they require. The file may then be installed pertaining to the installation directions associated with the hardware peripheral or other device.

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